About Psalmist

Psalmist George was born June 1975 at Accra-Kolebu in Ghana and into a musical family. From a Christian heritage his father who was popularly known as MAFA, an expert in creating and moulding musical instruments who had a music shop and a music factory, taught many people how to play musical instruments and gave his services many churches, school band and individual big band by providing and repairing their musical instruments. The Psalmist started school at Datus Preparatory School Dansoman and in 1985-1994 he attended Rev. John-Teye Memorial Institute.
It was there his true talent for music was unearthed to the brim. He joined the school band which was all over the as a member and later became the leader then sooner became the school’s band director. The school band under my leadership has always become a challenge to many musical groups due to the outstanding performance and over the years has tour many parts of the African continent including Togo and Ivory Coast and also in Europe including UK and Denmark. The band took part in the UK Harrogate music festivaland received a standing ovation. Psalmist George has inspired many people have embrace music and has raised many worship leaders and instrumentalist. In 1994-1996, Psalmist attended Presbyterian boys Secondary School –PresecLegonand played a significant role in the school. He took over as a music and entertainment prefect and raised the standard to a higher level.
PresecLegon School’s brass band performed in many places. In 1996-2003, he worked as a music director in Rev John Teye Mem. Institute and practically changed the face of good music to a different level. Mr. O. T. John-Teye who was a mentor, a father, a brother and friend brought me up in the fear of God and also helped unearthed the music ministry in me. The maestro Psalmist George is an inspirationalworship leader,music minister, song writer and composer, a studio sound engineer and a music tutorwho through the years has made great impact in the lives of his generation. He has the passion for teaching and has the quality to lead people. Psalmist plays almost all the major musical instruments including the guitars, drums, keyboards, trumpets and saxophoneand has thought in schools and churches. Most churches have benefited from the Psalmist George Ministry. He currently mentors and teaches church children how to play musical instruments and gives vocals training.
His music therapy skills has heal many sick and also ministered to the elderly. In March 2009, the Psalmist George was introduced to the media and has hence impacted more lives through the gift of the Holy Spirit. His first experience was with Radio Focus. On the radio was an opportunity for every listeners to deeply express his/herself to the King of Kings without any hold back or time constrain. He also allows the hidden talent of worship in God’s people to be used to the maximum effect.
 It is a call in worship program which allows people to call in and sing, pray, preach, read the bible and encourage with the word of God whiles he played the piano live in the studio to accompany them. With the overwhelming method with which he approaches his radio listeners, he became a threat to some ministers who established their ministry for business as church members were not attending regular Friday all-night. It was obvious that they preferred to stay in their homes and in the chambers of their bedroom whiles enjoying the live worship on radio. Due to the Godly and peaceful attitude of the Psalmist he was compelled to change the worship time so to make peace. He then moved on to Diamond Radio also in the UK and made a greater impact. Currently, the Psalmist Gorge has established his own radio station called WORSHIP RADIO UK. The nature of the program has reach beyond the walls of UK to USA, Ghana and many times from China.
His overwhelming entertaining character and the beautiful dynamic worship and healing ministry in him has kept listeners al-night on radio without feeling tired to call and call and call again. The Psalmist George has four CDs to his credit and has currently released his new album (HEAVEN GO SWEET). He is currently also the music director of (LINE) a ministry that is evangelising the word of God in Europe and in the villages of Africa. The maestro, Psalmist George is married to Esther and blessed with four children.